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The Exploration of the New Mode of Medical Consortium under the Development of Modern Internet Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.040


Liangqiu Xu, Siqi Lv, Junhao Liu, Yanzhe Liu, Ying LI

Corresponding Author

Liangqiu Xu


The government work report for 2020 clearly points out that China needs to develop “Internet plus medical health”. However, the current medical consortium is facing a series of problems: high operating costs due to internal geographical isolation, and low efficiency of medical data management and sharing. Under the current Internet technology conditions, these problems can be solved by using telemedicine technology to break geographical isolation and thus reduce operating costs. Blockchain can also be used to realize low-cost and safe storage and sharing of medical data. This paper aims to analyze the development pain points and causes of medical consortium in China, and reshape the new model of medical consortium by virtue of the advantages of telemedicine and blockchain which are subversive to the medical industry.


Medical consortium, Telemedicine, Block chain, Regional medical information integration