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The Relationship between Modern Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.039


Ruixu Pan

Corresponding Author

Ruixu Pan


Since the 21st century, modern supply chain management has become an important way for companies to adapt to global market competition. As an emerging management model, supply chain management is an effective way to ensure the coordinated allocation of various resources of an enterprise and the maximization of resource utilization. Supply chain management focuses on strategic coordination, resource integration and market response. Under the supply chain management model, companies can create more value for users, meet user needs and meet the needs of sustainable development of the company. This article uses market competition as the research background to analyze the supply chain management and logistics management of enterprises. Through the research of this article, it is determined that logistics management plays an extremely important role as an important part of supply chain management.


Supply chain management, Logistics management, Status