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Problems in Communication Infrastructure Construction and Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.037


Nong Jun

Corresponding Author

Nong Jun


In the context of the increasingly rapid development of the Internet, China has accelerated the construction of communication infrastructure to improve urban infrastructure and has a positive role that cannot be ignored in the process of promoting local economic development. However, the problems existing in the communication infrastructure construction have, to some extent, affected the effective exertion of its positive effects. Specifically, the existing problems are mainly manifested in the following aspects: idle resources, lack of scientific management, and insufficient connection with urban planning. Based on this, it is proposed to build a new model of communication infrastructure construction and further strengthen management. At the same time, deepen the coordinated development between communication infrastructure construction and urban planning in order to promote the orderly progress of infrastructure construction.


Communication infrastructure, Construction, Problems, Countermeasures