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The Influence of 5g Technology on Communication Infrastructure and Solutions

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.036


Nong Jun

Corresponding Author

Nong Jun


with the popularization of 5g communication base station, 5g is more and more likely to interfere with communication infrastructure, and various factors have more and more obvious influence on multi-layer network capacity. In order to solve the problem of interference between 5g macro base station and small base station, the interaction between macro base station and micro base station of multi-layer network under 5g technology is modeled and simulated, and the optimization strategy of multi-layer multi cell network capacity is proposed. Before deploying a 5g network, engineers should plan 5g network scheme according to 5g network performance requirements, and evaluate 5g network performance after deployment, so as to give 5g network deployment scheme and guide the actual 5g network deployment. At this time, 5g network performance evaluation is often carried out by system simulation. In this paper, through the method of system simulation, we study the capacity factors of multi-layer heterogeneous cellular network from many aspects, including network structure, channel model, interference environment, etc., and give the corresponding simulation performance evaluation and analysis.


5g, Communication base station, Cellular network