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Study on the Design of Intelligent Electricity Anti-Theft System with the Help of Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.034


Wen Liu

Corresponding Author

Wen Liu


In order to solve the problem of low probability of traditional anti-stealing electricity system, one intelligent anti-theft system based on Internet technology is designed from the aspects of hardware and software technology. Based on traditional systems, the hardware systems includes iot sensor devices and master wave deployer, and the operating mode and internal structure of electric energy meters and data transmission devices are changed, besides, based on the data collected by hardware equipment, the identification index of electricity-steal-stealing behavior is set up. By calculating the judging index of electricity-steal-electricity, to know whether the users of the power system have the behavior of electricity stealing and, to calculate the amount of electricity stolen, to find the position of electricity-steal-electricity, so as to realize the anti-theft function of the software. Through the system test experiment, the intelligent anti-theft electricity system can prevent users from stealing power and reduce the economic loss of power supply enterprises.


Internet of things, Intelligent electricity anti-theft, System design