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Multi-Dimensional Factors Analysis of Wind Farm Site Selection Using Fishbone Analysis and Interpretive Structural Modeling Method

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.028


Litu Zheng

Corresponding Author

Litu Zheng


The final location of wind farms is affected by plenty of factors, and each factor restricts and influences each other, thus forming a complex multi-dimensional impact system. Therefore, it is necessary to study how each factor affects the location of wind farms. Through the Fishbone Analysis Method (FAM), the multi-dimensional influencing factors of wind farm location choice are analyzed, and on this basis, an interpretative structure model (ISM) of multi-dimensional influencing factors is constructed. The key influencing factors and basic influencing factors that affect the location of wind farms are obtained. The hierarchical structure relationship diagram, and systematically and comprehensively analyze the influence degree and influence path of these influencing factors on the geographical location of wind farms, thus providing a more feasible way for choosing the applicable location of wind farms.


Wind farm site selection, Fam, Multi-dimensional influence factors, Ism