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Application and Practice of Industrial Robot Color Design Based on Kansei Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.022


Xianghong Liu

Corresponding Author

Xianghong Liu


In this era when the industry has developed to 4.0, many countries have made huge breakthroughs in the development of the industrial robot industry, and China is at the forefront in this field around the world. In order to enhance the competitiveness and influence of Chinese industrial robots in the international market, domestic industrial robot researchers must delve deeper into core technologies and study the kansei factors and needs of users. Only by incorporating the elements of user's kansei image into the color design of industrial robots can the designed industrial robot be more in line with the basic needs of users in terms of external image. Industrial robots integrate the theory of Kansei Engineering into the link of styling design, which transforms the user's perception of the product into specific design elements and reflects the design form through the product to form the semantic space of the product. If these kansei factors can be reflected in the design of industrial robots, it will increase the significant advantages of industrial robots in appearance. After a brief description of the development process of the industrial robot and related concepts of Kansei Engineering, this article studies the kansei elements of its color design by listing specific types of robots, hoping to provide reference to actual design.


Kansei engineering, Industrial robots, Color design, Design elements, Kansei image