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An Analysis of Development Countermeasures for Promoting Reform and Optimization of Transportation Structures Based on Highway-Railway Combined Transport in China

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.020


Fengwei Kang, Xuemei Li, Huizhuo Cao, Can Yang

Corresponding Author

Fengwei Kang


As pollution due to the China’s transportation environment, and the sharpening of the contradiction between the supply of transportation and the demand, it has become the top priority for current freight transportation to increase the proportion of railway transportation and optimize the existing structures. It is of great significance to advance the reform of “ highway-to-railway” for freight transport to do well in the Blue Sky Protection Campaign and pollution prevention, improve comprehensive transport efficiency, reduce logistics costs, and promote economic and social development of China. This paper firstly reviews China’s policy orientation in promoting the optimization of transportation structure, and then analyzes the advantages and development prospects of highway-railway combined transport. At last, it puts forward countermeasures and suggestions on how to better develop the combined transport in terms of increasing subsidies for highway-railway combined transport, regulating market order, formulating standardized rules, encouraging the reform of business entities, and building a full-process smart logistics service platform.


Transportation structure, Highway-to-railway, Highway-railway combined transport