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Laboratory Management System Based on Data Visualization Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.018


Zhu Tianyuan, Lin Yimin

Corresponding Author

Zhu Tianyuan


In order to solve the problems of imperfect equipment monitoring in laboratory management, difficult to transmit information reasonably to relevant functional departments, and complex business processes, etc. A laboratory management system based on B/S structure is constructed with the main idea of big data analysis and processing and the combination of Internet of Things and other technical means. After clarifying the needs of laboratory managers, the functions of laboratory timetable management, laboratory equipment management, laboratory access control management and laboratory log management are realized. This system not only meets the needs of laboratory managers, but also realizes the highly informationized management of intelligence, security, data and visualization of the laboratory.


Internet of things, Data collection, Information management, Data visualization