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Research on the Data Warehouse Method of University Student Employment Management System

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.011


Wang Bei

Corresponding Author

Wang Bei


With the continuous deepening of my country's education reform, higher vocational education has made considerable progress. At present, in various schools, especially in vocational education schools at all levels, the school database construction has been relatively complete, and a large amount of education and teaching information is stored in the database. According to investigations, these historical data that hide a large amount of educational information have not been used well, and the educational laws hidden in these data have not been well explored. As a result, the professional distinction in some vocational education schools is not large, and there is no obvious distinction in the setting of professional courses. It is difficult for graduates to find jobs suitable for their majors. The reason is that in addition to the inability to keep up with the curriculum and the fact that the students' actual abilities cannot be cultivated to the standards required by the actual employer, there are many hidden reasons behind. In the end, after receiving three or five years of education, the students' good quality has not been developed and their abilities are insufficient. The students with practical working ability are restricted by majors or some undiscovered factors. This article attempts to dig out correct, reliable and credible association rules from a large amount of vocational education information.


Data warehouse, Employment management system, Student learning