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Research on Third Party Logistics Management Mode and Information System Based on Cloud Platform Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.008


Bin Wang

Corresponding Author

Bin Wang


Logistics enterprise management is usually managed by information system, which can realize information sharing among customers, logistics enterprises and suppliers, and has great influence on the development of logistics enterprises. With the continuous expansion of economic globalization, the rapid development of high technology and the emergence of third-party logistics with logistics service as its core business, logistics resources have been rationally allocated, and the core competitiveness of manufacturers and logistics providers has also been enhanced. They don't belong to the supply chain of logistics products, but are the third party of transportation, but they serve the supply chain of production films by providing a series of systematic logistics services. The emergence of third-party logistics under cloud computing platform is not only to improve the service level, but also to provide users with better resources through computer system. This paper will analyze and study the third party logistics management mode and its information system based on cloud platform mode, so as to bring certain positive influence for its development.


Third party logistics, Cloud platform, Information system