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Research on Construction Project Quality Management Strategy Based on Bim Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.005


Yuhai Miao

Corresponding Author

Yuhai Miao


BIM technology is an information technology that can run through the whole life cycle of buildings. It can not only optimize the construction technology and management of construction projects, but also provide scientific decision-making basis for construction projects. In recent years, in the field of construction engineering in China, quality problems frequently appear, which has brought a very adverse impact on people's lives. Compared with traditional construction projects, the application of BIM technology can significantly improve the quality and production efficiency of construction projects, and play an important role in the quality control of construction projects. The construction industry is the focus of promoting China's modernization at present, so the construction and management of construction enterprises have an increasing influence on China's social construction and people's lives. Modernization of construction industry is the direction of reform and development of China's construction industry, and informationization is one of the main features of modernization of construction industry. In view of this, this paper discusses the application of BIM technology in construction engineering quality management and analyzes its application strategies.


Bim technology, Engineering quality management, Buildings