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Study on the Activation and Integration of "Intangible Cultural Heritage +" From the Perspective of Rural Revitalization -- Taking Foshan as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.151


Yanwei Tan

Corresponding Author

Yanwei Tan


Foshan is a famous cultural city in China, which has a very important cultural background and keynote in the historical development. It is also a famous hometown of ceramics, martial arts and Cantonese opera. It can be seen that Foshan's own cultural heritage is very rich, and in the process of historical development, it has been continuously inherited and changed, which provides a perfect sample and tone for the current cultural construction. However, with the progress of the times, foreign culture has a certain impact on the traditional culture of Foshan, which is not conducive to the current inheritance and development of Foshan culture. In this paper, the protection and development of Foshan culture in the context of Rural Revitalization will be studied in detail, so as to effectively promote the construction process of Foshan culture.


Intangible Cultural Heritage; Rural Revitalization; Foshan Culture