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A Study of the Modern and Contemporary Transformation of Chinese Literature

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.149


Dongling Shang

Corresponding Author

Dongling Shang


The starting point of Chinese new literature is the literary revolution in 1917. After a hundred years of evolution, great changes have taken place. The transformation of modern Chinese literature can be embodied in the transformation and replacement of literary form from the old to the new. The increasingly perfect of new literary style is the significance representation of the transformation of modern Chinese literature. This transformation is not only closely related to the reception of world culture, but also the profound influence of Chinese traditional culture. As the scholars say, the innovation of modern Chinese literature must come from the traditional culture. In this regard, this paper will study the modern and contemporary transformation of Chinese literature and explore the significance of the transformation of Chinese literature.


Chinese Literature; Modern and Contemporary Transformation; Research