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On the Origin and Inheritance of Yi Traditional Sports Culture From the Perspective of Cultural Soft Power

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.147


Wenpeng Cui, Jifeng Liu

Corresponding Author

Jifeng Liu


National traditional sports culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture and a crystallization of Chinese excellent traditional culture. In today's economic globalization, many intangible cultural heritages are facing the crisis of disappearing or losing their original ecological value. Inheritance and protection have become an urgent concern for contemporary people. The traditional sports culture of the Yi nationality has the characteristics of competition and entertainment, and has high fitness and ideological education values. It embodies the integration of early human civilization and modern sports thoughts and has strong aesthetic values. The Yi people create the traditional sports culture with their own national characteristics in the hard environment surrounded by mountains and inconvenient transportation. If a nation does not have its own cultural soft power, it will lose its foundation of survival and development. Based on the perspective of cultural soft power, this paper puts forward the origin and inheritance method of traditional sports culture of Yi nationality, which is based on the protection of cultural connotation to develop, strengthen the function of the government and integrate with school education.


Sports Culture; Cultural Soft Power; Yi Nationality; Inheritance