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An Exploration of English Chinese Translation Skills Based on the Differences Between English and Chinese Languages and Cultures

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.145


Shanshan Zhu

Corresponding Author

Shanshan Zhu


Translation is not a simple work of language conversion, but a form of language conversion under a certain cultural background. As a form of communication, language is embedded in culture, and the development of language and culture are unified. As a language director, he takes language differences, especially cultural background and social history as his object. Different backgrounds, living habits, religious beliefs and ways of thinking. In the process of translation, it explores the characteristics of English and the theoretical differences between different cultures. In order to find the most effective method of English translation, the analysis of English translation theory is necessary and very important. Work. The research of Applied Linguistics, translation methods and translation skills is in progress, but in this paper, we study and generalize from the practical level, and finally generalize for better education practice, personal experience and concentrated learning of education practice.


English Chinese Translation Cultural Differences; Translation Skills