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On the New Path of Traditional Culture Communication under the Background of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.143


Yang Xue

Corresponding Author

Yang Xue


The Ministry of industry and information technology proposes to promote the development of key industries of "new media culture" and promote the transplantation of existing digital content into virtual reality content. From the perspective of "new media culture", this paper explores the practical significance of using virtual reality technology to promote the transfer of existing ancient books to virtual reality content, and sums up the "new media ancient books" to promote the reading of ancient books and the transmission of traditional culture There are six significant changes in broadcasting, namely, the transformation of reading carrier from two-dimensional to three-dimensional form, the transformation of reading content from text form to rich media form, the transformation of readers from a single group to multiple groups of users, the transformation of traditional cultural knowledge acquisition path from a single sense to multiple senses, the transformation of reading depth from the understanding of structured ancient texts to the direction of horizontal and vertical combination, and the transformation of readers to The memory of the contents of ancient books is deepened and strengthened.


New Media Culture; New Media Ancient Books; Virtual Reality; Ancient Books Reading; Cultural Confidence