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The Integration of Traditional Art in Children's Art Works

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.133


Lu Yuanyuan

Corresponding Author

Lu Yuanyuan


Folk art is the concrete form of Chinese traditional culture and the living fossil to study the primitive culture of our country. This is the folk culture and art created by people working in daily life. It is an art form with its own national characteristics and regional characteristics. The content is lively, interesting and full of nostalgia and nostalgia. It has the characteristics of interest, interest and education, and is loved by children. There are many similarities between the creation of folk art works and the creation of children's works. They are good at explaining everything with exaggerated, abstract, childish lines, luxurious colors, unique, novel and creative ideas. Therefore, it is of great educational value to choose appropriate folk art resources as the content of children's creative art education.


Folk Art; Creative Art; Children's Creative Art