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Study on the Dissemination of Excellent Traditional Village Culture and the Promotion of National Cultural Soft Power

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.129


Jin Rongzhou

Corresponding Author

Jin Rongzhou


With the deepening of globalization, cultural soft power plays an increasingly important role in the competition of comprehensive national strength. All countries attach great importance to the construction of cultural soft power and incorporate cultural development into their national strategies. For our country, the national cultural soft power, improve the socialist cultural power to build strategic goals. It is not only related to the status of the world's cultural model in China, but also to China's international status and international influence. There's a 200 year relationship. There are still many problems in the struggle and Realization of China's great rejuvenation Chinese dream, and in the improvement of China's cultural soft power. Therefore, China needs to rapidly strengthen cultural soft power, build socialist cultural power and lead the country's all-round development.


Cultural Power; Strategy; Cultural Soft Power; Promotion