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The Development of Intertextuality in Ancient Poetry and Literature to the Contemporary Traditional Culture and Art

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.127


Chen Liyu

Corresponding Author

Chen Liyu


Ancient poetry, containing skillful language, excellent structure, rich image, beautiful artistic conception, poet's emotion, accumulates a country's traditional culture. Reading poetry helps to improve the overall level of ideological knowledge, the accumulation of life knowledge, expression ability and cultural achievements. As an important part of Chinese language education, in order to further deepen the reform of Chinese language education, in order to cope with the current development trend, from knowledge to ability, as well as the new conditions of literacy curriculum objectives, in order to understand the ancient poetry teaching, it will face severe education topics and new changes. Therefore, the teaching of ancient poetry is particularly important to the reading guidance of China. This article begins with the guidance of reading ancient poems in middle school, the guidance of text information of ancient poems in ancient Middle School, the interpretation of ancient poems in order to apply, to overcome the scientific nature of blind ancient poetry teaching, and to explore the improvement of the current low efficiency of ancient poetry teaching, "the sea of questions" and the ancient poetry teaching of face for life, which are really young people's The spirit of the inner world becomes an important food to support the family.


Intertextuality; Interpretation of Traditional; Culture of Ancient Poetry Teaching