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Analysis of Aesthetic Expression of "Line" in Chinese Painting

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.126


Yao Rui

Corresponding Author

Yao Rui


"Line" is not only one of the core elements of Chinese painting modeling, but also the lifeline of Chinese painting. It can not only help the painter to depict the image characteristics of the object, but also vividly convey the painter's emotional attitude, spiritual pursuit and aesthetic realm. Therefore, the "line" in Chinese painting often has unique aesthetic requirements, which is also the decision It can well show the important conditions of object modeling, level, texture and sense of space. Looking at the lines of Chinese paintings in the past dynasties, their forms are diverse and varied. Lines of different shapes can show their unique emotional thoughts and aesthetic interests. In order to better understand the emotional thoughts of Chinese painting lines, it is necessary to deeply analyze and explore their aesthetic expressions and aesthetic interests. This paper mainly describes the relationship between "line" and Chinese painting, the characteristics and aesthetic functions of "line" in Chinese painting, and the aesthetic performance of "line" in Chinese painting.


Line; Chinese Painting; Aesthetic Expression