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Research on Animation Modeling from the Perspective of Traditional Element and Digital Fusion

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.121


Guixia Wang

Corresponding Author

Guixia Wang


With the continuous development of society, the art industry is also gradually developing in depth. As an important part of the art industry, the animation industry is becoming more and more mature in our country. The application of traditional painting elements in animation has gradually become one of the leading factors in the success of animation production, which has considerable cultural value. Since the reform and opening up, a large number of animated films have filled the Chinese animation market, and the aesthetic consciousness and taste of Chinese children have been influenced. The current situation of domestic animated films in short supply has to arouse the reflection of serious and responsible art writers, and the correct attitude is still to take its essence. Chinese animation should take its own way. Because animation character modeling occupies an important position in the whole animation at present and is the direction of animation art, so this paper studies animation modeling from the perspective of traditional painting elements and digital fusion in China, with the aim of pushing the development of animation industry in China to a higher level.


Animation Modeling; Traditional Elements; Digital Fusion; Animation Art