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Integration and Development of "Wing Chun Quan" and Dance Elements in Modern Stage Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.120


Hua He

Corresponding Author

Hua He


Influenced by the development of science and technology, the performance of modern stage is varied, and more diversified elements can be added to the stage performance to satisfy the audience's eyeballs and make it have a new bright spot. Wushu originated in the ancient military war, when the two armies fought as a means of defending their homes. Since ancient times, dancers and martial arts have the action of combining the two cultural exchanges, whether from the appearance of the form or from the internal purpose of innovation, which makes martial arts and dance in the process of mutual communication, constantly enrich their own connotation, but also changed a variety of styles. At present, the traditional culture is squeezed by the new and rapid development of science and technology, dance and martial arts integration and development, in the modern stage, it is particularly important, but also urgent. As a representative boxing method of Chinese traditional Wushu culture, Yongchun Boxing is especially suitable for modern stage. This paper focuses on the study of the modern stage ," Wing Chun Quan "is a popular martial arts elements into the stage performance, explore its integration and development with dance elements, in order to put forward a favorable proposal for the development of modern stage performance.


Wing Chun Quan; Dance Elements; Fusion and Development