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Study on Landscape Planning Based on Minshuku Tourism of Yi Nationality in Liangshan Prefecture

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.119


Yu Bin

Corresponding Author

Yu Bin


The design of Minshuku landscape has cultural characteristics, which is a difficult point in the construction of gardens. As the foundation of Minshuku landscape planning, regional history and culture have an important influence on the design of Minshuku, and regional cultural characteristics are the fundamental starting point of Minshuku landscape planning. Among the ethnic minorities in China, Yi culture contains many elements, such as color worship, totem worship, folk customs and legends. Applying these Yi cultural elements to landscape planning can fully highlight the characteristics of landscape planning. In this paper, taking Minshuku, a Yi tourism in Liangshan Prefecture, as an example, the characteristics of Yi folk culture are analyzed and studied, the problems needing attention in Minshuku landscape creation of Yi tourism are put forward, and the principles and methods of Minshuku environmental landscape creation of Yi tourism are explored.


Yi Nationality; Tourism Minshuku; Landscape Planning