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Creative Transformation of Traditional Culture and Grass-roots Social Governance —— A Case Study of Zhougezhuang Village, Jimo City, Qingdao

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.117


Liu Yuwei, Shen Biwen, Yang Shujing

Corresponding Author

Liu Yuwei


With the development of society, the phenomenon of cultural anomie has gradually begun to intensify, how to resolve the contradiction between traditional culture and modern culture, to explore the precious cultural resources in traditional culture, so as to realize the role of traditional culture in promoting modern society, which has become an important topic at present, and has also aroused strong attention from all walks of life. Our culture has a long history and has been passed on for thousands of years, but because of the social construction and the introduction of foreign culture, there are still many shortcomings in the inheritance of traditional culture, especially in the way of cultural inheritance, many ideas are often limited to the discrimination of the cultural field itself, the refinement of traditional culture and dross to distinguish and comb, so as to achieve the rational critical inheritance of culture. Or by carrying forward the so-called value of traditional culture to confirm the significance of Confucianism in the modern development, or attach importance to the modern interpretation of traditional culture. There is also persistence and find the way of modern development in classical literature, using the values of traditional culture to criticize reality, this is a very wrong phenomenon, which leads to the existence of such a mainstream in society, that is, by promoting traditional culture to meet the demands of the current society. What people feel in the hot field life is the deterioration and flooding of the dross content of traditional culture under the catalysis of market mechanism, and some old ideas and behaviors even have adverse effects on the people. For a large number of such situations, we need to go out of the strange circle of cultural determinism and transfer the center of carrying forward traditional culture to life practice, so as to provide a good soil for the inheritance of traditional culture. This paper takes Zhougezhuang Village, Jimo City, Qingdao as an example to explore how to better infiltrate traditional culture into people's life practice.


Traditional Culture; Transformation of Transmission Modeling; Grass-Roots Social Governance; Zhougezhuang Village; Jimo City; Qingdao