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The Dissemination and Influence of Chinese Classics in Thailand under the Intertranslation of Asian Classics

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.116


Li Binfang

Corresponding Author

Li Binfang


The history of communication between China and Thailand is very long. In Thailand, there are not only a large number of Chinese living, but also a unified Chinese language and Chinese culture in various regions. Both Thailand and China are deeply influenced by Confucianism, so peaceful exchanges between the Thai and Chinese people for a long time are the main part of Sino-Thai relations. The long-term migration of Chinese immigrants to Thailand has made the Chinese culture of Thailand very strong, and there are special Chinese education schools in Thailand in many dynasties in history. Overseas Chinese compatriots living in Thailand also use Chinese to educate future generations and use Chinese traditional cultural and moral ideas to educate future generations. At the same time, Chinese classical literary works were introduced into Thailand earlier, and occupied a place among Thai readers, affecting Thai culture. In recent years, in the context of the translation of Asian classics, the dissemination of Chinese classics in Thailand has also been promoted, these classics are widely praised in Thailand. Readers in Thailand are also able to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture based on these works. This paper analyzes the spread and influence of Chinese classics in Thailand from many angles, and discusses the role of these classics in promoting exchanges between China and Thailand for reference.


Translation of Asian Classics; Chinese Classics; Thailand; Dissemination and Influence