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Study on the Art of Shanghai Ink Painting

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.115


Wang Yijia

Corresponding Author

Wang Yijia


From the current development of Chinese ink figure painting in the long history, the shape and spirit of the problem can be said that the Chinese ink painting figure has been exploring a longer topic. Because the style of ink figure painting since its birth and the day of the world, until this long time, it is a clear and earth-shaking change, which can be said to change the shape, each time is a kind of historical progress, but also inevitably reflects the ink figure painting style of painting, in the history of the world experienced prosperity and suffered decline. Chinese ink figure painting this style of painting has been born until now more and more social style of painting style, it is one of the most unique artistic value and the most unique aesthetic value. We can learn from China's long history of painting, in fact, the appearance of this style of ink figure painting is not too early, to be exact is still relatively late, and on the early days of those ink figure painting style are basically with some fine brushwork interspersed among them, until the Southern Song Dynasty, the painters of the figure painting school began to pursue a more concise painting, to create a simple character painting, so that the image of the characters become more simple, this way of shaping more in line with the emotional needs of the literati at that time. Later gradually, with the rapid development of the times, slowly Western unique painting, sketch began to gradually enter the field of Chinese art. Under the double impact of the western character modeling method and the idea, some shapes of the traditional Chinese ink figure painting have also begun to change, at the same time, some traditional Chinese Confucian philosophy consciousness has begun to change imperceptibly. Some traditional ink figure painting basic modeling and concept and painting style has been challenged and impacted from the West. The traditional way of painting, which is mainly based on the line and the image type, has gradually shaken the traditional concept of painting and modeling. It is recommended that the western concept of painting is based on realism.


Ink Painting Characters; Tradition; West