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A Study on the Noumenon Characteristic and Aesthetic Value Embodying of "Wing Chun Quan" Element Dance

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.107


Hua He

Corresponding Author

Hua He


With the acceleration of social development and the continuous improvement of economic development, people pay more and more attention to the prosperity and development of material culture while pursuing the improvement of living standards, and among them, dance and martial arts, as the traditional culture of our country, are also concerned by people. Dance and martial arts are the cultural forms with a long history in our country, and there are obvious differences between the two in the way of expression and the core of thought, but it does not affect the two are loved by people. Since ancient times, both dancers and martial arts have the action of combining the two cultures, whether from the appearance form or from the internal concept of innovation, which makes martial arts and dance in the process of mutual communication, constantly enrich their own connotation, but also changed a variety of styles. This paper focuses on the elements of "Wing Chun Quan" in Wushu, and explores the characteristics and aesthetic value of integrating it into the dance, so as to better promote the development of Wushu and dance and the fusion and communication between the two, and draw the way of communication between different cultural elements.


Wing Chun Quan; Noumenon Characteristics; Aesthetic Value