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Research on Animation Publicity of Cantonese Opera Art in New Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.103


Yunhao Shi

Corresponding Author

Yunhao Shi


Cantonese opera art is a pearl in China's art treasure house. As one of China's intangible cultural heritage, it enjoys a good reputation in the world. However, because the art has been passing on and developing in a way that is difficult to keep pace with the times, it is not popular with young people. In the information age, the new media art is the product of the integration of science and technology and art, which expands the rich aesthetic emotion of human beings and has a great impact on human life, work thinking mode, values and aesthetic taste. In order to change the current situation of Cantonese opera, we must innovate its cultural development mode, such as combining the art of Cantonese Opera with the design of characteristic animation products. Culture is the root of a country and a nation, which maintains the identity of people in different regions. At the same time, the influence of culture is also the expression of a country's comprehensive national strength. Based on the new media era, this paper analyzes the animation propaganda mode of Cantonese opera art.


Cantonese Opera Art; New Media; Animation; Propaganda