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Research on Fuzzy Semantic Translation Methods in English Language and Literature Based on New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.101


Zheng Li

Corresponding Author

Zheng Li


Language is an indispensable tool for communication, and it also expresses the speaker's way of thinking. In English-Chinese translation, translators sometimes encounter vague statements due to cultural differences between the two sides, which requires translators to have a good understanding of the semantics expressed by vague language, and also require accuracy. Fuzzy language will not only not affect the fluency and expression of sentences, but also increase the semantics that the speaker wants to show and enhance the expression effect. Under the background of the new media era, the thinking of English literature translation has undergone subversive changes. From the perspective of new media, the traditional teaching mode of English literary translation can no longer meet the needs of English literary translation in the new era. This paper discusses the translation of fuzzy semantics in English language and literature, and analyzes the translation strategies of fuzzy semantics in English language and literature under the background of new media.


Fuzzy Semantics; English Language and Literature; New Media