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Study on the Collection of Song Huizong's Painting Works in Past Dynasties

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.096


Wei Xiao

Corresponding Author

Wei Xiao


China has a very long history and culture, art is one of its important components. It can be seen from the vast cultural heritage of China that the fields covered are extremely wide and various ideas and styles are extremely rich. In the art history of the Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty Huizong is absolutely unable to circumvent the characters, its paintings and calligraphy are extremely outstanding, in a large number of the two Song Dynasty Anonymous paintings, many belong to the name of the Song Huizong, these paintings involved in a wide range of subjects, and painting style, techniques showed a variety of trends. After a long period of historical changes, the painting works of the Song Huizong through the past artists, collectors, connoisseurs of the exploration and appreciation of works, collection, but also gained a lot of knowledge and harvest.


Song Huizong; Painting; Collection by Past Dynasties