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The Inheritance and Development of Chinese Folk Art and Traditional Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.086


Shujing Xue

Corresponding Author

Shujing Xue


It is obvious that folk art is a kind of art which is popular among the people, and it is also a kind of art form which many ordinary people have invented in order to satisfy their social work and entertain their own life. It not only satisfies these people's illusions about their living environment and their expectation for the future, but also a form of art expression with very enthusiastic characteristics of national customs, which inherits the ancient civilization and excellent traditions of our country. It is hoped that these folk art can be preserved and developed in this new world of material desire. Most of these folk art are some workers to create, to paint out, so in the painting is rich in rich local flavor. In different social periods, workers in each region have different living habits and customs, their cultural values are different, national characteristics are different, so the creation of folk art is also different. Folk art is the cultural crystallization of our Chinese nation which has passed on for a thousand years. It contains rich history and culture, and has a very warm national culture breath. Today's folk art from a lot of foreign art skills and cultural impact.


Folk Art; Cultural Heritage; National Colour; Art Form