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A Study on Strategies to Reduce the Cultural Alienation of Minority College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.085


Zhiqiang Li

Corresponding Author

Zhiqiang Li


The Chinese people are a multi-ethnic country, in which the Han people account for the vast majority of the total number of people, and the number of ethnic minorities is relatively small. And because the nation is different, the national culture is also different. In such a large mixed cultural situation, there will inevitably be a sense of cultural alienation caused by different national cultures. The harmonious and unified development of the nation is of great significance to the road of building socialism with characteristics in our country. Therefore, the unity and harmony of the nation are closely related to the people of all our nationalities, and the people of all ethnic groups need to work together to achieve it. College students as a new force of society [], related to the future development of the motherland, while promoting the unity of the nation is also crucial.


Minority Nationality; National Culture; Alienation; Unity