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Study on the Integration of Urban Cultural Elements in Modern Interior Architectural Decoration

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.082


Jianying Song, Haiyan Tan

Corresponding Author

Jianying Song


In order to improve the comprehensive benefit of modern indoor building system, we need to carry out a sound environmental protection design of modern indoor building system, so as to adjust the scientific environmental protection coordination of every link in modern indoor building. with the acceleration of urbanization in our country, we also put forward higher requirements for building environmental protection design. under the background of coordinated development, we analyze many factors that affect building environmental protection at present, and give reasonable solutions according to these problems, so as to lay a certain foundation for the future development of our architecture. This paper discusses the integration of urban cultural elements in modern interior decoration, hoping to bring practical opinions.


Modern Interior; Architectural Decoration; Urban Cultural Elements; Integration Studies