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The Unique Personality and Aesthetic Value of Yu Dafu's Prose Creation

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.081


Ying Wang

Corresponding Author

Ying Wang


Yu Dafu, the character Dafu, Zhejiang Fuyang people, is a modern Chinese literature history with their own unique personality and outstanding achievements of the prose everyone. His works are full of hatred for feudal society and; in art, his works are full of romantic style and are pioneers and innovators of prose. His works had a great social influence at that time, and the patriotic youth dedicated his prose unique personality and aesthetics to the national revolutionary war and fell under the gun of Japanese imperialism. Based on the aesthetic value of prose, this paper will introduce the aesthetic value of Yu Dafu's prose.


Unique Personality; Outstanding Achievement; Romanticism; Aesthetics