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Considerations on the Development of Mountain Tourism in Cha Xiang under the Integration of Industry —— Taking Guizhou as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.079


Ou Long

Corresponding Author

Ou Long


Guizhou is located in the east of Yungui Plateau, the main terrain is plateau and mountain area, so it has the advantage condition of tea planting, and is the main origin of tea tree and tea culture. At the same time, the tea industry is also the dominant industry in Guizhou, and it can effectively promote the development of Guizhou economy and related industries in the process of its development. The integration of mountain and tourism industry is also the development direction of Guizhou province. This paper mainly analyzes the actual development of Guizhou tea industry, at the same time discusses its combination with the development of tourism, hoping to provide a certain reference for the economic development of Guizhou.


Industrial Integration; Tea Industry; Tourism Development; Guizhou