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The Effective Inheritance of the National Instrumental Art in the Multi Musical Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.076


Xiangyang Xi

Corresponding Author

Xiangyang Xi


Chinese national instrumental music has a long history and a variety of musical instruments have been formed in the long process of development. The accumulation has also left the music resources with different styles and rich themes. It is a gem of our excellent traditional music culture. With the advent of the globalization era, cultural exchanges between countries have become increasingly widespread and frequent, showing the development of pluralism in music. In particular, the influence of musical pluralism on the young generation has brought a great impact to the inheritance and development of Chinese Classical Instrumental Music. How to inherit and push forward the art of the traditional music in the context of contemporary multicultural music is an issue discussed in this article. The article is fourfold: (1) Inheriting tradition and maintaining characteristics; (2) Incorporating elements of pop music; (3) Drawing on Western instrumental techniques; (4) Innovating forms of expression.


Musical Pluralism; Traditional Musical Instruments; Inheritance