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Dilemma and Breakthrough of Contemporary Inheritance of Regional Folk Sports —— A Case Study of Chaohu Shrimp Lamp

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.070


Yongjun Chen

Corresponding Author

Yongjun Chen


Folk sports play an important role in the integration of neighborhood relations, the construction of a harmonious society and the enhancement of cultural confidence. Based on field investigation, the formation of shrimp lamp and its current predicament were studied in Chaohu Lake.The research shows that the black and white shrimp lamp is a traditional national sport in Chaohu Chaohu Lake, Anhui Province. Put forward to strengthen the consciousness of inheritance and protection, play a social role and with the help of marketization into the development strategy of the Great Lakes City.


Chaohu Basin; Shrimp Lamp; Research