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Analysis on the Expression of Emotional Concept in Visual Communication Design under the Background of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.059


Yunjia Qu

Corresponding Author

Yunjia Qu


Visual communication design is a new modern design mode relying on high technology and new media, which requires a keen insight into the increasingly obvious trend of information, digitalization and information-based visual design in society. With the impact of information technology and the improvement of people's appreciation level, the environment of visual communication design becomes more and more complex. Designers need to consider not only their own views on the works, but also the opinions of the audience. In visual communication design, its main function is to fully mobilize the plane factors that can be used according to the aesthetic needs of the audience. When designers design works, they constantly inject emotions, which is not only a necessary design process for excellent works of art, but also an important stage for the high development and steady improvement of spiritual civilization in modern society. This paper analyzes the significance of emotional concept in modern design works under the background of new media, and explores how to show the application effect of emotional art in visual communication design.


Visual communication design; New media; Emotional concept