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Research on the Attributes and Characteristics of Sports Dance Based on the Value Orientation of Sports Competition

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.058



Corresponding Author



Sports dance is one of many dance types, but at the same time it also includes nearly 10 dance types. Different from general dance, sports dance is more competitive, and relatively strict dance standards have been established. Sports dance has become more and more popular in various international sports events in recent years, and the aesthetics and competition are appropriately integrated in sports dance. Starting from the origin of sports dance, the article successively discusses the value orientation, attributes and characteristics of sports dance. Sports dance is a beautiful form of sports, which should be understood and familiarized by more people. By experiencing the unique charm contained in it, we can discover the hidden shining points in sports dance.


Sports; Competitive value; Sports dance; Attributes of sports dance