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A Textual Research on “Kudzu” in the Book of Songs

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.056


He ZHU, Hongyong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hongyong Zhang


This paper, by cataloguing the words of “Kudzu” and its combination in The Book of Songs, carries out knowledge archaeology by comparing its contexts, and finds that the word “Kudzu” has different cultural meanings besides its original meaning, which can be regarded as the different customs of agricultural culture and society reflected in the era of “Poetry” and the implication of agricultural culture. Today, “Kudzu” is still a very important food material or medicinal material, and its function is not only related to the era of “Poetry” and but also has new development. Through the investigation of “Kudzu”, we can get a glimpse of the agricultural society, history and culture in the Era of “Poetry”.


The book of songs; “kudzu”; Agricultural culture