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Research on Interior Space Design under the Mode of Residential Building for the Aged

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.046


Hongyan Tan

Corresponding Author

Hongyan Tan


As the problem of population aging in my country continues to intensify, the issue of elderly care has become a livelihood issue of widespread concern from all walks of life. Under such a development trend, most regions in my country have paid special attention to the issue of senior care building models. At present, in order to further meet the spiritual needs and daily needs of the elderly, we need to strengthen the optimization and improvement of the residential building model for the elderly. In view of this, this article is mainly based on the interior space design concepts and principles of the residential elderly building model, focusing on the research and analysis of its interior space design issues for reference.


Residential care for the elderly; Architectural model; Indoor space; Design