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A Corpus-Based Study of the Translation Styles in Chinese and Western English Versions of Yi Jing

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.042


Xiangyu Kong, Dingming Wang, ZhuoXing Gong, Xin LI, Yan YANG, QinYan Liu

Corresponding Author

Dingming Wang


This paper adopts a corpus-based approach to investigate the translation styles of eighteen translators from home and abroad in the English translation of YIJING on lexical, syntactic and discourse level respectively. Result shows that most versions basically are the same style: These versions, with reasonable vocabulary and normal sentence structures, are highly cohesive at the discourse level. In addition, domestic versions and foreign versions also show different translation styles: the former are easy to read with a high repetition rate of simple vocabulary and complex sentences, while the latter is difficult to read with a low repetition rate of rare vocabulary and concise sentences.


Yijing; Corpus; Translation style