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Research on Innovative Design of Portuguese Pavement's of Macau Campus Landscape

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.041


Liang ZHENG, Yile Chen

Corresponding Author

Yile Chen


Macau blends Chinese and Western cultures. The university landscape of Macau has not only Lingnan elements derived from the Cantonese Chinese, but also Portuguese architectural decoration elements passed down for historical reasons. Portuguese paving is a typical regional element. This study takes Portuguese paving as an example, analyzes the application of this element in the current landscape design of Macau colleges and universities, and summarizes the expression methods of regional culture in the landscape design of college campuses, and provides for the application and design of regional cultural elements of the campus landscape in the future Some references.


Landscape design; Macau university landscape; Regional cultural design; Portuguese paving; Macau