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Analysis of Language Features and Study of Cultural Origin from the Perspective of Literary Works

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.039


Xue WANG, Zhengjun Zhou, Guozhang Li

Corresponding Author



Language is a communication tool and a way for people to exchange emotions. It builds a communication bridge between people and deepens the connection between them. How to fully present the charm behind language, so that people can accurately grasp and understand it, is a problem that linguistics needs to face seriously. There are differences in the expression forms of language, which are not static. In the process of development, all nationalities in the world have literary works that reflect their national culture and spirit. From the perspective of cultural exchange and learning, learning the language art in British and American literature can help us expand our cultural knowledge, deepen our understanding and understanding of British and American culture, which is helpful to promote cultural exchange between countries, which is of great practical significance. This paper takes British and American literature as an example, summarizes the principles of language art of British and American literature from the perspective of cross-cultural, and further explores the characteristics of language art of British and American literature.


Linguistic features; British and american literature; Culture