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Translator's Identity Construction in Chinese Cultural Translation from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.038



Corresponding Author



Translation of Chinese culture is a comprehensive undertaking involving all parties and a process of dialogue among civilizations. Guided by the acceptance of context, we should deeply study readers' cultural mentality, downplay the political function of cultural translation, and avoid the “politicized assumption” of western readers. The translation of Chinese culture is not just a matter of epistemology, it involves the understanding of one's own culture, the re-understanding of translation and the understanding of western Sinology. Translators live in a specific social and political environment, and their specific translation practice reflects a certain social, cultural and political significance. Their identity or role in the process of translation is the key factor for the success of the translation and dissemination of Chinese culture. The translation and dissemination of Chinese culture should not only realize the cross-cultural reproduction of the text meaning at the linguistic level, but also convey the nationality of the culture and realize the cross-cultural construction of the national cultural landscape, so as to make the Chinese voice in the dialogue of civilizations.


Chinese culture; External translation; Cross-culture; Translator