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Application of Oriental Visual Language in Graphic Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.036


Huiwen Sun, Lianzhi Li

Corresponding Author

Huiwen Sun


Chinese traditional culture has a history of thousands of years, reflecting the ideological culture and national characteristics of all ethnic groups in China. With the progress of society, people's aesthetic level is constantly improving, showing diversified visual consumption, and promoting the rapid progress of graphic design in the process of continuous opening of ideas. The combination of modern graphic design and oriental visual language not only helps to develop and carry forward excellent Chinese traditional culture, but also endows graphic design with more profound cultural and spiritual connotations. Based on the oriental visual language, this paper analyzes the similarities between traditional patterns and modern graphic design, and discusses how to combine them skillfully to enrich the connotation of the works, and then carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture and promote the innovation and development of modern graphic design in China. In order to realize the application of oriental visual language in modern graphic design, we must find out the common points between them, so that modern graphic design can have stronger national inheritance and cultural connotation.


Chinese traditional culture; Graphic design; Oriental visual language