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Cultural Connotation Communication in Interior Design Based on Innovation Ability Training

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.035


Xiao LI

Corresponding Author

Xiao LI


People begin to pay more and more attention to the environmental quality of living space around them. Interior design, as a design field which is inseparable from people's life and personality, has gained extensive attention. Interior design can effectively improve the quality of indoor environment and meet the needs of life and work. Innovation and optimization according to interior design requirements can ensure the rationality of design. The development and innovation of modern interior design cannot be separated from the traditional cultural foundation, otherwise it will lose its development direction. Modern interior design innovation is the inevitable trend of the development of the times and the result of people's constant pursuit of quality life. In the current interior design, people pay more attention to the cultural characteristics of design, so designers should consider design culture and combine interior design with cultural connotation, thus embodying the cultural connotation of design works. Based on this, this paper discusses the cultural connotation of interior design according to the concept of cultivating innovative ability and the characteristics of current interior design.


Interior design; Innovation; Cultural connotation