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Explore the Cultural Difference between Chinese and Western Zodiac

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.033


Jing LI

Corresponding Author

Jing LI


Choosing two similar Global human activity to indicate the relationship between different cultures on a global scale. Chinese and Western zodiac a re both from natural astronomy, and then develop to the nurturant human activity. The amazing phenomenon is that they are both exitance in individuals’ daily life. And it becomes more and more popular to deduce the person’s birth, talent and characteristics. Because of the connection between Chinese and Western zodiac, the similarities and differences among both of them have become a valuable study. The Chinese and Western were originally used for ancient calendrical calculations, and therefore the resemblances and contracts is exist for cultural and traditional reasons.


Chinese and western zodiac; Similarities and differences; Chinese astrology; The history of the western zodiac