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Pu Yi and Manchu Restoration in Media through the Lens of the New York Times from 1929 to 1934

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.032


Wan LI

Corresponding Author

Wan LI


Studies on the image of Pu Yi and Manch restoration he involved in from the perspective of western media are relatively weak in China. Lacking of the documentary materials is one of the main reasons. Aiming at promoting the related study, the paper organized and analyzed the news reports from The New York Times which is one of the mainstream public media in Western Society. The paper reveals much more historical details about Pu Yi from 1929 to1934 contributing to frame a typical and historical media image of him, depending on the reports. Simultaneously, the paper attempts to analyze how such an image was embedded in western liberal ideology and progress valuing system.


Pu yi; Image; The new york times; Manchu restoration